Le LA3M au Nea Paphos Colloquium III

26 septembre 2022 par Anne Cloarec-Quillon
Le troisième colloque sur l'archéologie à Nea Paphos s'est déroulé du 8 au 11 novembre 2022 à Athènes

Du 8 au 11 novembre 2022 s’est tenu à Athènes le troisième colloque sur l’archéologie à Nea Paphos, avec notamment une communication de Véronique François (LA3M) :

Another acropolis at Paphos: Fabrika hill and beyond


Following on from successful scientific meetings on the history and archaeology of Paphos held in Avignon in 2012 and in Paphos in 2017, a third colloquium will be hosted in Athens in November 2022.

2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the University of Sydney’s excavations at the theatre on the southern slope of Fabrika hill in the north-eastern quarter of the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Nea Paphos in Cyprus, but Covid prevented any opportunity to mark the event. Subsequently the French archaeological expedition at Paphos (Avignon Université), created in 2008, started to reveal new evidence of the occupation of the hill from the Hellenistic to the Medieval period and a number of important projects have continued to explore various aspects of the areas surrounding Fabrika hill led by the Department of Antiquities or foreign missions.

This third colloquium on the archaeology of Nea Paphos aims to place this newer research on Fabrika hill but also to place this area of Paphos within the broader historical context of the rest of Hellenistic-Medieval Paphos and across the broader region of western Cyprus. Fabrika hill can now truly be seen as a second acropolis for the Hellenistic and Roman city, so what activities can now be identified to integrate this hill into what we know about other parts of the city and harbour of Nea Paphos.


Source : http://www.paphostheatre.org/nea-paphos-colloquium-iii.html


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